The man asked his cockatoo “Do you love me?”. The bird’s answer was hilarious

by banber130389

This video is just very adorable and hilarious and we decided to share it with you. This time, no dog or cat but a very funny cockatoo! They are very intelligent and clever animals and there are millions of stories about them too!

The colorful Pebble Cockatoo makes its owner proud every day. They are best friends and usually sit on the couch and talk to each other. It is their favorite part of the day for both of them. A moment that they both appreciate very much and try to spend more time together.

Source – screenshot youtube

From time to time, the owner chooses to film his conversation with Pebble, and after posting one of their latest conversations on YouTube, the video has spread like wildfire on the Internet. And it is easy to understand why. Impossible not to laugh seeing the video of the two funny friends!

When asked “Do you love me”, the parrot bursts out laughing and can’t help acting crazy. But, luckily for the owner, the bird compensates by giving him a kiss at the end of the video. Watch the video below and share this little positivity with your friends and family too. Enjoy watching!