The little girl’s artistic and positive performance melt everyone’s hearts. She is the definition of charisma

by banber130389

Kids discover the world around them and every day they can meet new things for them. And just the same way their parents and people around them discover them. They are young human beings and their personalities, habits develop every day, that is why they are unpredictable and always offer surprises.

This is Payten Foster’s story about how she got home from the hospital after being treated, and her parents noticed how she randomly started singing all the time refusing to stop. She is absolutely adorable, artistic and positive.

Source – screenshot youtube (Giles Foster)

In the video bellow she sings the song “Break every chain” and her incredible performance won many hearts. She sings it with her eyes closed, enjoying every word of the song, she is surely going to be an artist in the future! Her moves, body language show that she is serious about what she is doing.

Watch the video bellow and see the little artist’s performance. We are sure her positive energy and vibe will make you smile and be filled with good emotions the whole day. Be free to share this with your family and friends too, enjoy watching!