The little girl wrote a letter to heaven to make sure her pet is okay. A really touching and sweet letter

by banber130389

The pure soul and kindness are what unites animals and children. They really feel each other the best and create the strongest bonds ever. Parents surely watch and admire their friendship, but being more attentive can create this kind of beautiful and touching stories, just as the one that we want to share with you.

The story starts sadly… The 14-year-old dog named Abbey died and her 4-year-old little friend Meredith wrote a touching letter asking God to watch over Abbey and make sure she is safe. She was understanding about the situation, as she knew the dog was sick, and all she wanted to do, was to make sure if she is okay… This is really touching.

They had got a response from “Heaven” after sending the envelope with their picture on it. The little wonder was now sure that her dog was okay…This made her believe in miracles and be filled with kindness even more.

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