The little girl organized a fundraising for a hospital where she was cured from a serious disease. The amount shocked everyone

by banber130389

This story is about little girl Addie, who spent much of her childhood at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. She stayed there on different occasions because of her health problems. Indeed, Addie was born with a condition known as Larsen’s Syndrome, a condition that caused her skeletal system to develop incorrectly and she had very serious problems with her bones.

Source – screenshot youtube (USA TODAY)

She was born with her legs twisted backwards. Addie had to undergo four surgeries and had around 65 casts to correct the problem. And it fortunately worked! Thanks to the intensive care received at the hospital, Addie can now walk, run and play like any other child. Now she wants to help others!

Her sign in the video bellow reads: “For my birthday, I want to raise $8,000 for the children of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.” The news was broadcast by WFAA, a local television station and everyone saw the hero girl, who overcame so many difficulties, but was still strong trying to do something good for others.

Source – screenshot youtube (USA TODAY)

Her story went viral almost instantly after this. She was shocked at how much she had managed to raise instead of planned $8000. Watch the video bellow, and learn other details about this touching and heartwarming story, we hope you will love it. Be free to share this with your loved ones, that way you can support this article, enjoy watching!