The little girl makes an announcement that her dad doesn’t really like. A funny and adorable family moment!

by banber130389

Kids arethe cutest creatures ever! Their pure curiosity, limitless energy, and unadulterated perspective on the world are what make them so endearing. Their joyful antics make others around them happy and feel warm, and their laughter can light up a room.

They are incredibly adorable with their little hands and feet, large expressive eyes, and perhaps awkward but always sincere attempts to comprehend and engage with the outside world. Even the most mundane occasions are magical and joyful when they are around.

In the video bellow that we want to share with you, you can see Josie and Callie troll a room of family members with an improv tale of make-believe boyfriends. They are of course just joking around and this was a great chance to see the reaction of their dad! She pronounces “I have a boyfriend”.

Check out the video bellow to see what happened after this important announcement, we are sure you will love it and it will give you some positive vibes for the whole day! You ca show us your support by sharing this article with your loved ones too, that way you can also make them smile. Enjoy watching!