The little girl claims she has a boyfriend, but her father doesn’t seem to like that idea

by banber130389

The world for babies is brighter and there are so many things they don’t care about. They also accept things differently and create new meanings for them in their life. This is what makes them purest creatures and they appear in our life to make us smile and feel better always and everywhere.

The video bellow shows a sweet girl, who doesn’t even know what boyfriend is, but claims that she has one. Her father seems to not love her idea! She even knows his name and mentions it, but her father tells her that she is not allowed to have a boyfriend until she is 15!

But she seems to not care about the rules. She keeps claiming the fact that she has a boyfriend and mentions him. We are very lucky that this sweet and adorable conversation has been caught on camera, and now we can watch it!

One of the sweetest parts of her legendary video is how she cries when she is told by her father, that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She wants to have a one, and as she claims she already has it. Her tears make her look very cute, but they also make the situation look funnier.

Check out the video bellow to see their “private” family conversation, we are sure this pure little one will make you smile. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones, that will be a support for us too. Enjoy watching!