The little girl and her pet trying lime for the first time. Her facial expressions are just fire

by banber130389

First reactions of babies to different things are always interesting. They learn everything about the world surrounding them and sometimes the most unexpected things can amaze them. They are true wonders with pure heart. It is also always a good idea to film their reaction and watch how cute and funny they can be!

This is also about our pets. They also love trying new things. In the households, where are being raised a baby and an animal will never be boring. They will always find something to do together and explore and discover new things.

Spurce – screenshot youtube (Rumble Viral)

In the video bellow, you can see one of that first reactions of a baby and a dog. The little girl and her dog try lime for the first time in their life. Luckily their funny reaction was filmed, as it was predictable that they are going to have weird reaction.

Her facial expressions are the best! But the best part is the dog sniffing the lime and refusing to taste it, as he already smelled it and probably didn’t love the girl’s reaction too! Watch the positive video bellow, we hope you will love it. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones, to make them smile too, enjoy watching them!