The little boy’s and parrot’s friendship story will warm your heart. They are the cutest together

by banber130389

Friendship is one of the most valuable things in life. We create beautiful moments and memories with friends that last forever, and what is more important we get so many good and positive emotions from them, if they are the right ones.

Animals sometimes can be really good friends and create a strong bond with their owner and this is not a secret. And most of the time they become friends with children. The explanation to this is very simple: they both have pure hearts and all they want is to give and receive love.

Source – screenshot youtube (The Dodo)

This is the story of the little boy Grietje’s and his parrot Marni’s friendship story. The boy was an animal liver from very early childhood and that is why they became friends very quickly and loved each other so much.

They grew up together and from his very first days Grietje saw her parrot who cared about him and loved him so much. In the video bellow you can see how excited Marni was starting from the pregnancy and used to always sit on her mistress’s belly.

The video bellow shared by Dodo on YouTube shows their journey of strong friendship. It has gone viral and many people on social media loved their story so much. Watch it bellow and share this with your loved ones!