The little boy was asked “Why did God create grandmothers”. His answer is mature and cute at the same time

by banber130389

One of the most important people in child’s life after his parents are grandparents. They bond together can be unbelievably strong and lovely. It is one of the cutest things to see how they represent way too different generations but still understand each other better and always have what to do together.

Children also have very interesting mindset and can sometimes say very meaningful things and deep thoughts. So, it would be interesting to know what they think about the bond with their grandparents.

Source – screenshot youtube (goodnewsdonandcheryl)

We want to share with you the video bellow, that recently went viral despite the fact that it was shared on YouTube 15 years ago. In the video bellow a boy was asked “Why did God create grandmothers”. His answer is the cutest and shows his love for his grandma.

One of the best thoughts he says as a kid is that “I wouldn’t be on this planet if she wasn’t born”. And this shows how mature this kid is and how he understand who her grandma is for him.

Watch his sweet answer in details in the video bellow, we are sure you will love it. Don’t forget to also share this with your loved ones, and remind them that you love them too!