The little angel joins her father while he sings the national anthem of the US. She is adorable!

by banber130389

Viral videos on the internet are really able to make you smile at any moment. This is actually one of the good sides of the internet, it gives you the opportunity to share your creativity with strange and unknown for you people, and you have the opportunity to watch them too. You watch them, in some videos you find yourself, in some you just enjoy the view, and in some you find the best voice you have ever heard!

We want to share with you a viral video of a daughter and dad, that you will surely love! They just managed to catch a very sweet moment of their little one, without expecting that it would go viral. But that is what people love, honest videos with no staging! The sweet baby made so many hearts melt!

Source – screenshot Facebook (Poke My Heart)

It shows how her dad sings the national anthem of the US and the little angel joins him with her cute and sweet voice, making the video adorable. She also has a wide smile on her face, which makes it impossible to watch the video without smiling in synch with her!

Check out the video bellow to see their heart-touching performance, we hope you will love it. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones too, so they can get some positive vibes from the cuteness. That will be a big support for us too. Enjoy watching!