The judges wanted to give this contestant a hug. His emotional performance and the story behind it touched everyone

by banber130389

Music and emotions are what bring people together. And we all know that there is no music without emotions, so it is the best way to know the person and their story. We want to share with you the emotional and heart touching performance of this young man, who auditioned for the X factor of UK.

He is Josh Daniel, who was there to demonstrate his singing talent, even though he works as a mechanic. The boy was the last contestant of the evening, so everyone was expecting an impressive performance from him, and he did it! He told the story behind the chosen song, and here is when the emotions started showing more and more.

He dedicated his performance to his best friend, who left him 2 years ago. He explains, that the lyrics of the song mean a lot to him. And when he began singing, everyone was in tears. The judges, the audience, everyone…There were too much emotions and feelings, and in the end of the performance, one of the judges even went to hug him. This is very beautiful!

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