The incredible friendship of a rescued raccoon and a baby deer

by banber130389

Animals can feel the same emotional attachment and care for each other as humans do. People like to have friends with different interests and beliefs, and it turns out that some animals feel the same way.

Here’s a prime example of such friendship: the tender relationship between a fawn who has lost its mother and a raccoon.

Random passersby found a tiny wounded raccoon on the streets of Texas. They couldn’t get past it and reported it to the local animal rescue center, Texas Fawn and Friends. Although this center rescues wild animals, mostly deer, the owner Carrie Long decided not to leave the baby in trouble and help him. The raccoon was named Jasper and was only two to three weeks old.

He was the most adorable baby in the world. Carrie was able to heal Jasper and he quickly recovered and got stronger.

The raccoon could have left the center, but he became so attached to his new home that he didn’t want to go anywhere. Jasper immediately got used to the residents of the shelter – the deer. But most of all he became attached to the little deer Hope, who came to the shelter after Jasper. Hope lost her mother and also needed special care.

Jasper and Hope grew up together and a tender friendship developed between them.

“Jasper just loves her,” Carrie wrote on the shelter’s page. “When he sees Hope, he runs to lick and cuddle her. In the evening he comes and lies down next to the fawn, it’s very cute.”

Hope is not Jasper’s only friend. With Tootsie the puppy, they have a great time together, too.

According to Carrie, Jasper very often acts like an annoying little brother, but wise Hope patiently accepts all outbursts of affection.

How good it is that nature never ceases to amaze us with such amazing stories!