The high school lovers from 1955 reconnected after almost 6 decades. Their journey is very interesting

by banber130389

After 63 years one particular day in the fall of 1955, was very unique and lifechanging for Study Hall. Bob Harvey and Annette Callahan met for the first time. They started dating and attended prom together. There was a chemistry between each other and of course they fell in love. It would be years before Bob and Annette’s love story would be concluded, but Bob had always thought of Annette. He knew deep in the hearts that she was his only soul mate.

Soon the school year was over, and Bob and Annette had to say goodbye to each other. Annette soon met another man during her summer vacations.

Years passed, but Bob always wanted to know what had become of the girl he had fallen in love with in high school. So, one day he tried searching her name in the Google search bar. Soon, they found each other and were able to make a phone call.

The images brought back memories of Bob and Annette having a great time dancing at the prom back in 1955. Bob thought of Annette for 63 years, but Annette had no way of knowing that at the time. When they were both 80 years old, they were able to reconnect and made their love official after almost 6 decades. Watch their beautiful reuniting in the video bellow.