The heartbroken raccoon is mourning his friend’s death. We need to learn more about animal emotions

by banber130389

We need to appreciate and care about the emotions and feelings of animals more than we do. They have friendships, they hate, they live and they care about each other. But sometimes, living near us, they get hurt by people, and not only. Sometimes there are situations that we can’t do anything about, but of course we need to try our best to protect them as more as we can.

This heartbreaking video shows how the raccoon is mourning the dead body of his run vver friend. It is just very sad to watch how he is standing there, and doesn’t know what to do. He was probably very scared, and realized he lost his friend forever.

The moment was captured by people who were nearby and they were amazed by the racoon’s behavior. The most heartbreaking part of the video is when the person filming it says that it seems like the racoon is praying for his friend.

Check out the video bellow to see that scene. Nature is a truly amazing gift for us, so let’s protect it at all costs. Share this with your friends too, to spread awareness. Watch it bellow.