The guy showed his hand without the middle joints on his fingers and people don’t believe it’s possible, but the author told what it feels like

by banber130389

Can you imagine losing the middle joints in your fingers in an instant? And life has become much more difficult, because even writing and typing will become almost impossible.

A Reddit user nicknamed JayFayad shared a picture of his hand online, it turned out that his fingers are missing joints, so it’s just impossible to bend them.

It’s a rare hereditary disorder that affects bone development called symphalangism.

As soon as the guy posted a photo of his hand on Reddit, the post instantly went viral, garnering many likes and comments with questions about his life, which the author decided to answer:

“I basically handle everything, but writing and typing can be very difficult, but I’m fine with the mouse. I can open pickle jars just as easily. The most unpleasant thing is when the pen falls out of my hands, because I can not hold it tightly, it sort of balances on my fingers, “- said the guy.

“It’s not like I don’t know what a person with a normal hand feels like, I didn’t have an alternative, so this condition seems completely normal to me.”

The guy also recalled an unpleasant moment from his childhood related to sports:

“When I was 7 years old I was playing baseball and the coach yelled at me really hard to finally pick up the bat ‘normally’ and just pressed my fingers to grab the bat. It really hurt.”