The group of 12 girls touched everyone with their dance performance. They chose the song Hallelujah

by banber130389

Music and dance are real art of showing emotions and feelings. They are the best therapy for every soul, and for decades and centuries, people know how to do it right. It is not just a combination of movements, when you truly feel the song and the meaning behind it. This is why watching dancers and listening to music can become addictive sometimes.

We want to share with you a wonderful dancing performance of this group, that is surely from the ones, that are most likely to become addicting. For their performance they chose one of the most emotional and meaningful songs- Hallelujah.

The 12 girls from New Zealand moved hearts and souls with their emotional dance and the atmosphere they created during it. They are part of the Whangarei Academy of Dance and Performing Arts (WADPA). Their hard work and soul they put in the dance is obvious. It is seen how they feel each other the best way, and synchronize everything on the stage.

Watch it bellow, to see their incredible show yourself, we hope you will love it. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family too, that way you can also support us. Thank you for reading. Enjoy watching!