The groom gave the bride an exquisite surprise on the wedding day that left her dumbfounded

by banber130389

Tristan, Becky’s son, was only 19 when he passed away. He was very distraught. Though she couldn’t fathom her life without her child, her loved ones gradually assisted her in coming to terms with reality and moving on. Becky was scheduled to wed Kelly, the love of her life, around two years after Tristan died.

The couple made the decision to leave an empty seat in Tristan’s name with a kind note written on it on their wedding day.

“Now that I’m in heaven for your wedding, what should I do?” To spend it with you, I will come down to your level. Please, if there is just one chair available, reserve it for me. I may be invisible to you, yet I shall be present.

Kelly told Becky that someone was there who wanted to see her at the wedding. A youth who snatched Tristan’s chair. Becky wasn’t upset when she saw it. On the contrary, she was overcome with emotion and lost control of her tears as soon as she saw the young man. Tristan’s heart belonged to this man, Jacob.

Tristan was an organ donor, and he save the lives of many people in addition to Jacob. Jacob was more than happy to go from San Diego to attend the wedding after Kelly told him that he and Becky were getting married. Becky was made to feel very special and her day brightened by the delightful surprise.

 It was like if her son had been present on her wedding day. Then someone gave Becky a stethoscope so she could listen to the heartbeat of her deceased son. Nobody will ever be able to forget the intense emotional moment that occurred.

The nice surprise was captured on camera, and someone posted the pictures to Facebook. In a few of days, the tale became viral, and many people commended Kelly for her devotion for Becky.

Several people took the time to leave comments, one of whom wrote: “Is it not possible for us to have a single news station that just airs inspirational and encouraging tales like these? The world could inspire more people if only kindness and thoughtfulness were more freely distributed.