The groom gave the bride a surprise gift: her reaction will melt the most callous heart!

by banber130389

There are picture stories that work better than any antidepressant, and this is one of them. We strongly recommend you look at it when you’re feeling down. At first glance, the plot seems simple—a groom decided to surprise his bride with a gift that moved her to tears. But what was it?

As is customary in the West, a festive photo shoot was arranged before the wedding. The bride, Kaylee, was anxiously awaiting her present from the groom, Orion.

It truly was a surprise!

Kaylee couldn’t believe it—after all this time, was it real?

Orion had given his future wife a kitten!

Here’s the backstory. While Kaylee isn’t an obsessive cat lady, she does have an old favorite cat at home. When she met Orion and they decided to move in together, Kaylee wanted to bring her cat along. However, Orion refused, not wanting any animals in their new home and providing many logical arguments. Reluctantly, Kaylee agreed.

In the few months they lived together, Orion noticed how much Kaylee missed her cat and changed his mind. Simply saying, “Okay, bring the cat,” didn’t seem right to him. He wanted to show Kaylee that he had truly reconsidered for her sake. Thus, the idea of gifting a kitten seemed perfect.

Orion went to the shelter, explained the situation, and received… a strict rejection. Most abandoned animals were once given as gifts, and they are often not appreciated or taken seriously. Statistics didn’t lie.

With the idea on the verge of failure, Orion turned to his grandmother, a cat lady who, at 92, could no longer keep cats. She called all her friends and neighbors, and just a day before the photo shoot, she found a kitten for her grandson. They barely had time to make a tag with the name “Chloe” for the collar.

This is a true happy ending.