The girl was playing the violin, but the little boy dancing next to her stole everyone’s attention

by banber130389

Music is something that is able to unite people and make souls connect with each other. It is truly a very beautiful thing and what is more enjoyable, is seeing children creating music. In the video bellow you can see Karolina. She has her YouTube channel with more than 37 million subscribers. What they follow her for? She creates magic with the violin.

She plays melodies of different worldwide famous songs. The one we want to share with you is Warrior’s violin cover. The video has been watched more than 37 million times, matching with her subscribers!

From the beginning of the video you can see a cute little boy dancing around her and enjoying the notes of the violin. Soon there were already a lot of other people watching them and filming the precious moment.

They are really cute and their little kiss in the end of the video makes it better. It is a memory for a lifetime. This is how small things can affect your life and make your day better. We are sure everyone who was the exchanges positive vibes only. In this case, there are just no other options.

Watch the beautiful video bellow, we are sure you will get some positivity too. And, don’t forget to share this with your friends and family to make them smile too. Enjoy watching!