The girl really wanted to surprise her father and made him a “live” present

by banber130389

Gifts for family members are some of the nicest, because they are always chosen and prepared with special love. American Brenna Lee Loving loves her father very much, and wanted to make a special surprise for him.

Father’s Day was just ahead, and Brenna, enlisting the support of her family, set about preparing a gift. To do that, she had to arrange a flight from Hawaii, where the girl lives, to Arizona and stock up on a huge box parcel.

In the video, which was shot by a family member, Brenna’s father looks at the gift box with surprise and interest, and then reads the greeting card.

Well, it’s time to open the parcel.

And as soon as the father begins to do so, he realizes that there is something alive inside. Another second, and Brenna jumps out of the parcel.

Father and daughter can’t hold back tears. They hug for a long time before he admits that this is the best gift there could be.

Brenna hasn’t seen her father in six months, and he wasn’t even hoping to see his daughter anytime soon. But the surprise was a success.