The girl opened her eyes and surprised the whole Internet, because no one had ever seen such a color of eyes

by banber130389

A young American woman was able to surprise the whole world with her unusual appearance. After all, many who see the girl for the first time, do not believe that she really has purple eyes.

Mackenzie Strong has been diagnosed with albinism since birth. This disease affects not only the color of her skin and hair, but can also change the color of her eyes.

It is also worth noting that with such a disease, a person is very susceptible to ultraviolet light.

After her first publication, the girl became popular in a matter of days. More than 400,000 people constantly follow the life of an unusual American. Mackenzie did not expect such a reaction of the Internet community, because she had just registered in a social network to communicate with her friends.

As the American herself admitted, she was perplexed after her first video gathered more than 20,000 views for a few hours, because it was only for her acquaintances.

Soon she began making short videos in which she told about her illness in joking form.

The American tries not to pay attention to vicious Internet trolls, because many of them try to insult her constantly. But among the audience of millions, most people support the girl’s unusual appearance and advise her not to be ashamed of herself.

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