The girl noticed that the suitcase was moving. What she found inside is heart touching

by banber130389

We want to share with you a very touching and heartwarming story, that fortunately has a good ending. Sarah Baumer is the heroine of the story. She is a great animal-lover, and in general, she loves nature and caring about it. And this happened to her while she was just walking near a park.

She noticed an old suitcase. Of course, it wasn’t that surprising for her. Someone probably left it there as it was old. But the sounds coming out of it interested her, she even noticed that the suitcase was slightly moving. This is when she decided to open it, even though she was a little afraid.

She opened it, and saw that there were more than ten kittens in the suitcase. It was very difficult for her to see the poor animals in that small suitcase. It is even difficult to imagine how some people are able to leave animals like that, and just live their life like nothing has happened.

Now all the little ones are healthy, and they are in a safe place. The girl takes care of them, until she will find forever families for some of them, and will raise the others. We are very happy, that this kind-hearted person found and took care of them.

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