The girl couldn’t think that her surprise for her boyfriend would have such consequences

by banber130389

It’s amazing what ideas girls come up with when they want to tell their significant other that they are pregnant.

But Lisa, who runs a channel on Tik Tok, found a very unconventional way to tell her beloved this news.

Bloggers joshandlisa became popular thanks to funny videos in which they prank each other. Not so long ago, Lisa took a pregnancy test and it was positive.

It was a long-awaited pregnancy, and the girl decided to present the news in a special way. It would seem that nothing strange: an ordinary ice cream from McDonald’s, in which Lisa decided to hide the strip with the result. This surprise she gave to Joshua’s father-to-be.

Giving the sweet to the guy, the girl unobtrusively asked him to eat the treat as quickly as possible. However, the young man had no appetite and refused the cold sweet. But the girl did not relent, saying that it was worth it.

And then the man began to eat the ice cream, in the process the girl said:

“We really wanted it,” and it was only at this point that the guy realized something was wrong and began to consider the treat.

Removing a strip of dough from the treat, Josh was clearly unhappy. He was counting on it being just a joke, but he asked:

“Are you serious, is it real?”

The video instantly went viral, being viewed by millions of users. Judging by the following videos, the young people are getting ready to become parents, but commentators came outraged:

“It’s weird to hide something like that in food, it’s not soaked in water.”

“No, it’s awful, that’s where you hide the test.”

“If my girlfriend ever does something like that again, I don’t think we’ll be together.”