The girl bought an ordinary cat in the market, but a year later he viras to an incredible size

by banber130389

A woman bought her pet at a regular market. After a while, she noticed that her fluffy friend grew too quickly in size, and a year later the cat became the size of a full-fledged wolf.

As Maria admits, Barsik was an ordinary cat as a child. He ate well and liked to play.

But his distinguishing feature was sleep. Unlike ordinary cats, Barsik could sleep up to 15 hours a day.

A year later, Maria’s pet already weighed 15 kilograms and was just over 1.5 meters long.

“He just loves to eat and eats really a lot. But I’m not worried about that. I’m more concerned that Barsik has started making specific noises at night that resemble a wolf’s growl.”

Veterinarians at a local clinic suggested that the girl’s pet is a mix of a Maine Coon and a feral cat. They can’t give more information about Barsik’s further development yet.