The girl and her tiny dog shined on BGT’s stage. Proving that little dogs can be great performers too

by banber130389

Talent shows give us the opportunity to learn about talented people living around the world. But they not always have to be people! The hero of this article is a cute dog named trip, who of course had the chance to appear on BGT’s stage thanks to her talented owner Lucy.

From the first seconds of entering the stage the audience adored them. They already knew that their performance was going to be so cute and impressive. This is why they all impatiently were waiting for them to start. Lucy was there to prove that little dogs deserve to be called great performers too, and she was there to demonstrate it.

And they did a very good job. Everything went as it was planned and Trip showed everyone his best qualities that were taught by Lucy. Most importantly, the audience and the judges loved it too, we are sure you will adore Trip too.

Check out the video bellow to see his skills, we hope you will enjoy watching it. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends too, that way you can also support us. Thank you for reading and being with us, enjoy watching!