The German Shepherd had a very friendly personality and got fired by the police. Here is his story

by banber130389

It is not a secret how big job dogs do for the police. But for working there, they also should be appropriate for it. This is the story about the little pup German Shepherd Gavel, that proves, that if you are not meant for a certain job, it will never work out.

Gavel was recruited to work in the local police force, and had many duties as a police dog since the day one. He was very eager to learn how to become a great police pup and help the police officers.

Soon, everyone working with him noticed, that he was too friendly, and was always looking for new friends. This is not a personality that German Shepherds often show, but of course there are exceptions like Gavel.

So, this was a reason he got fired from his job. Of course, they were all happy to give him belly rubs, play and smile with him, but he wasn’t a type of dog police was looking for. This process that animals have their own personalities too, despite their species.

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