The first meeting of a baby boy and his pets. Their curious looks say everything instead of words

by banber130389

Bringing your newborn home when you have pets is really a special occasion. They meet someone that they are going to spend so much time with and love them with all their heart. This is the beginning of their friendship story.

This is how Katie Vannoy organized the meeting of her baby boy and her pets: two parrots and two dogs. Her baby boy Oliver was home from the hospital and there was going to be the first meeting of her son and her beloved pets.

Source – screenshot youtube (Gotcha the Cockatoo)

The first one who met Oliver was Gotcha, their cockatoo. He was very curious and was looking at him from every. He is usually noisy and always repeats different words, but this time he was quiet. He clearly knew there was someone new in the house and that he was someone very special for their family.

Source – screenshot youtube (Gotcha the Cockatoo)

Their dogs were also curious and were around all the time, trying to be closer to Oliver. This is a very cute thing to watch. You can already see a strong bond creating between them.

The family appreciated this moment and took their time to introduce all of them one by one. Watch the beautiful moments in the video bellow, and share this with your loved once too! We hope this will make you smile. Enjoy watching the precious video!