The family started to renovate the house, but found a treasure in the wall in a box of precious coins and now they are millionaires

by banber130389

A couple from Kemper, France, was able to get about 1 million euros. This was made possible by the treasure that was found in the house. About this tells the resource The Guardian.

The family decided to carry out the repair of the house and hired a group of workers. In the process of the works in the wall of the building was found box made of metal. Inside lay 239 coins, dating back to the years of the French revolution.

The owners of the find decided to improve their financial situation and put the coins for sale, 4 pieces they left for themselves as a keepsake.

The auction was held in the end of September 2021. The first representative, which was awarded the attention of buyers – gold luidor, minted in 1646. The starting price for the coin was 8 thousand euros. In the end, it was able to sell it for 46 00 euros. The same amount collected a lot of 1640.

The family decided that it would be fair, if they give part of the money to the workers, thanks to whom the treasure was found.