The dog’s favorite song helped to confirm his identity when he was lost. A touching moment

by banber130389

Animals have their favorite things and that fact about them is adorable. If you have a pet, you surely have noticed the favorite spot of your pet, favorite TV show, color, song and walking area. They even make friends for life with other animals, and this is precious.

This fact is what helped the police to confirm the identity of lost husky. His favorite TV show title track was what helped them. Here is the story. A group of teenager volunteers found a dog in the street hat matched the description of one of the dogs that was reported missing. It was real happiness, but they still had to claim it.

His owners knew what was the right way to do it, and asked them to play his favorite song, and see if he would react. They told that if he hears it, he will start singing along. And this is exactly what happened. The man started playing the song and the husky started singing along. It took him seconds to recognize his favorite melody.

This is when they knew he really was the one and soon took him back home. It was a touching reunion and his family is glad that his favorite song helped them find him. This is how important it is to know everything about your pets.

Check out the video bellow to watch that adorable moment of the husky starting singing along, we are sure you will be touched and impressed. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones, that will also be a support for us. Enjoy watching!