The dog with her puppy was crying for help after they ended up in the water pit. Here is hot they were rescued

by banber130389

Animals often end up in situations, when they need our help to survive. This is the rule of life, and we should do everything to protect and help them as much as we can. This is the story about how two dogs easily slipped and ended up in a water pit, and had trouble sliding back up from the whole. It was a manmade water hole, and the sides of the embankment were lined with a thick plastic cover, and that is why it was impossible for them to get out of there on their own.

But the rescuers were quick. Fortunately, there were people near, and they heard the cry of the dog. Turned out that the dog was stuck there with her puppy. This means that she was crying for help, first of all, for her little one. The heart touching scene has been captured on camera.

Soon, ever equipment the rescuers needed was there. They saved the life of the dog, and her beautiful, little, furry puppy. The dog was the happiest to see that people heard her, and came for help. This is very adorable.

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