The dog was trapped in a river and no one could get him out. This is how his rescue was organized

by banber130389

Abandoned and stray animals always need our help for surviving. All we have to do is to not ignore them seeing them in the streets. They deserve our love and attention, and even if you are not ready to give them love, do the bare minimum and save their life if it is needed, and if you are able to.

The video bellow shows the rescue of an abandoned dog who was trapped in the L.A river. People passing by always fed him, but they were still waiting for help to arrive and get him out of there. Finally proper and needed help arrived, and right people found out about his problem. After being there for weeks, he was about to be free again.

There was no access in or out of the river and they had to create their own way to get him out of there. And they successfully did it! The German Shepherd got out of there thanks to a cage and people who pulled it out. The rescue story has got more than 9.1 million views on YouTube!

Watch it bellow and see how they manage to get him out of there. Let’s protect animals and help them when they are in need, trust us, they will return unbelievably more love than they received! Share this article with your loved ones too, that way you can also show us support. Thank you for reading and being with us, enjoy watching!