The dog was lost, and this fast-food restaurant fed her, and even helped to find her owner. The viral video here

by banber130389

Dogs are very clever and friendly animals. This is why they have all the chances to survive even without a constant care from anyone. They will find new human friends, and will always ask for help in the friendliest way. This is the story about how this dog went to a fast-food restaurant every day, the employees gave her food. Employees then filmed and posted a video on TikTok about their guest and thanks to it she found her human family again!

We want to tell you about Sally, who after this story has also the nickname Subway Sally. The reason for this nickname is easy to explain. The dog goes to the fast food restaurant to eat something at the well-known American chain restaurant. And she does it every day, because she knows that the employees will always give her something, as well as the customers. A video of her posted on TikTok quickly went viral. And thanks to this Sally has found her human family again.

Sally’s story quickly made the rounds on social media. The dog had not been abandoned. She simply left home and was never able to go back. She was lost! All that time she spent near the fast-food store, where she waited politely in front of the door. After a while they decided to make a video to post it on TikTok and tell her story. Video fortunately arrived in the timeline of her human family who was looking for her.

When the employees of the restaurant discovered that she had a family, they were all happy for her. The restaurant owner said: “It’s comforting to know that thanks to her TikTok video we have found her owners. I will miss her but the most important thing is that I know that she is happy again.”

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