The dog was found in the street with a touching note. Her owner became homeless, and here is what she did

by banber130389

Life is difficult, but sometimes we complain about the smallest things, without even realizing that we should firstly appreciated what we have. There are people out there, who would like to be in your place, and solve all the “problems” you have. This is a very touching story about a family and their dog, that will force all of us to think about what we have once more.

A dog was found with a very touching note. It said, that the woman was letting her 6-year-old dog named Sky alone, because she became homeless, and no longer was available to take care of hers. Sky was very skinny, and the woman mentioned in the note, that she is not sick, she is just hungry and asked to feed him.

The rescuer girl who found sky said, that it was impossible to hold the tears, when she read the note. They totally understand Sky’s owners, as it was probably a very difficult decision for them. Leaving their best friend in the street saved her life.

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