The dog hasn’t chosen the best place to do his needs. The internet laughed so much watching this

by banber130389

The images of the dog named Fido in the water while he does “the big one”are making all the people of the web laugh. He does that in the middle of a river, to be exact instead of choosing the way all dogs do.

The footage was posted on Tik Tok by the user @mimimoumoune, who perhaps didn’t imagine receiving such a warm response and that people would lough about this situation.

By now it was impossible to stop it and, therefore, the owner decided to immortalize the scene, before sharing it on the net. Not only was he seen answered by friends and relatives, but by a veritable army of internet users.

The comment section is full of laughing emojis and jokes. For example, they point out that the dog lacks the acclaimed French elegance, referring to the chosen passage. The video now has been around the world.

Sometimes the interest aroused by animals is incredible, beyond all expectations. Carefully studied contents may perhaps go unnoticed and then the simplest videos will blow up and make a random animal popular all around the world. Watch the funny video bellow, stay positive with us!

@mimimoumoune♬ Le temps est bon – Bon Entendeur & Isabelle Pierre