The dog had been looking for his home for 8 years and when he found it, he cried.

by banber130389

There are millions of dogs, living without home and proper care, but there are still stories that hit different. This one is about the dog that has lost the care of a loved one but fortunately his story didn’t end tragically.

Because of an accident, Stevie Roger lost two four-legged friends. They ran away from home and wandered to a neighbor farmer who did not spare them. One dog was gone, but the second managed to hide.

The owners did not lose hope. They soon posted posters everywhere in search of a dog. However, the years went by and there was no news. They already lost their hope, but here eight years later, Stevie got a call from people claiming to have seen his Kavik. After covering a distance of 500 kilometers, Roger finally found his old friend.

But the poor dog wasn’t at his best. Life turned out to be difficult for him, which resulted in exhaustion and dystrophy. He looked extremely tired, and possible had spent difficult years. He is still waiting for treatment, but, for sure, we can assume that a good boy is going to have his bright times back.

The most incredible thing in such stories is that after so many years the animals recognize the people with whom they lived and almost cry. That is why we call them the most devoted pets ever. Share this touching story with your family and friends too, that way you can also support us!