The deer and the dog have the best friendship ever. This is how the fog takes care of her friend

by banber130389

There are many beautiful stories about the connection between nature, animals and people. They all are precious souls, and the meeting of them creates wonders. This is an adorable story about two animals, who became friends, and a wonder woman, who is taking care of them.

This friendship is quite unusual, as it is between a deer and a dog. The dog is actually more like a babysitter here, as she took care if the seer when she was little. Their owner, Isobel found the deer crying when she was a newborn. She knew well that she belonged to the nature, and hoped that the deer’s mother would find her little one and take care of her, but the things were meant to be different.

She found the tiny creature again abandoned, and knew that it was time to act and do something. She adopted the deer and since then her dog and the little wonder are inseparable.

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