The cashier asked a rude question and the 2-year-old knew exactly how to respond

by banber130389

Children are the most innocent creatures alive. They will always speak the truth and will never think about lying, when it is not necessary. This story happened in Clover, South Carolina back in 2017. The 2-year-old girl made her mother very proud with her one simple answer.

Brandi Benner’s daughter was asked a rude question by a cashier in the store, but she gave the best response. She was in the store for choosing herself a gift as a reward. Her mother says that she immediately fell in love with a doll that was dressed as a doctor. She is obsessed with that profession and has lots of things that doctors have.

When she already chose her doll and they were going to pay, the cashier asked the girl if she was sure about her final decision. He pointed out that there are other dolls that look more like her, and she could choose them to pretend its her while playing.

The pure should answered him “She is a doctor and I am a doctor, she is a pretty girl, and I am a pretty girl! Watch the video bellow, to see the little Sophie, who responded the best way possible. We hope you loved this! You can support us by sharing this with your friends and family too!