The brave woman approaches the huge elephant, who is standing in the middle of the road, waiting for cars to pass

by banber130389

Elephants are the largest wild animals. They are very strong, and of course dangerous. But they are very intelligent too, so most of the time, they are not using their strength to damage anyone. If they did, they would be far more dangerous. In the video, you can see an elephant extending its trunk, trying to get through the windows of the cars passing by.

The main wish of the elephant is not scaring people, it is just curious and wants to do something naughty. A man drives by in a truck and gives the elephant what appears to be a small stick.

And here, a brave woman decided to approach the elephant, to prove that it doesn’t want to harm people. She was still very attentive and was probably stressing, but she still did it. She just stays calm, and the elephant felt that. She gave the animal something to it, and the elephant gently took it.

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