The boy meets his new puppy for the first time. The dad filmed his precious reaction

by banber130389

Interactions between animals and children are the purest. They mirror the honesty and clean harts of each other and that makes them build the strongest bond ever. We want to share with you the first meeting of a little boy, and his rescued puppy, we are sure they will win your hearts.

This beautiful scene shows the little boy named Hudson and his new dog. The scene has been filmed by his dad who went to the Atlanta Humane Society to rescue a 3-month-old Australian shepherd. It was a surprise for his son, and he couldn’t wait to see his reaction.

He opened the car door not expecting to see a puppy in there. His reaction is priceless, true and pure happiness. The cutest part of the video is when the boy says that the puppy has blue eyes just like him! The dad made sure to film a really good video and catch every moment, and he really did a good job!

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