The boy amazed everyone with his magical and soft voice, singing “Supermarket flowers” on “The voice kids’” stage

by banber130389

“The voice kids” is one of the most emotional Tv shows. Kids always expect the best and it is very difficult to be careful with their emotions. We want to share you a very emotional and amazing performance from “The voice kids” (Germany) that stole many hearts.

Hans appeared on the stage and no one knew what was about to happen. He had something very magical in his voice and the audience immediately noticed it. From the first notes, they showed their exitance and tried to make him more confident and comfortable on the stage. But the judges weren’t that quick to turn around. But they definitely loved his soft voice too.

He chose one of the most popular songs of Ed Sheeran- “Supermarket flowers”. He was very worried and you could tell it from his facial expressions. Finally, one of the judges turned, and then the two of them.

The boy was in tears after the song was over, his family was also very worried for him, but fortunately everything ended well and he won his anxiety. Watch his soft and heartwarming performance in the video bellow we are sure you will love it! Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family too! Enjoy watching.