The baby’s reaction to his mom singing opera is precious. Mother’s little “experiment” went viral

by banber130389

When you don’t know anything about certain things, they may feel strange and any reaction is possible. Noe, imagine how many unknown things there are for children. So, it is normal for them to have random reactions and sometimes they are being so funny.

In the video bellow, you can see Jennifer and her cute son. The mom starts telling about her son in the beginning of the video, saying that he is always happy and loves when she sings.

She even demonstrates it singing a cute song going like “Everybody clap” and the baby starts clapping. He even likes heavy metal. Everything seems to be okay and they are having fun time together, but everything was ahead to happen.

Source – screenshot (Jennifer Stavropoulos)

When his mom began singing opera, he had instant reaction, he started crying. Here is how unexpected children can be. Her mother apologized to her son for the little “experiment”, and again said that his son should be terrified from heavy metal and not opera. And you can never find the explanation to this.

Watch the cute viral video shared in YouTube bellow. You can watch little baby’s emotions yourself and adore him. It is really interesting and we are sure you will be left with some questions after watching the video. Enjoy it and don’t forget sharing this with your family and friends!