The 2-year-old girl created her own rules while dancing on the stage. The audience just admired her

by banber130389

Sometimes making your own rules instead of following what you have to is a better choice. There are people who live with this spirit from childhood and have always been independent and free to do what they find better for them.

But sometimes that way you can end up in funny or a little awkward situation, when you don’t know how and when to use that spirit. This is exactly what happened to the main hero of this story. This 2-year-old girl stole the whole show and won all the attention of the audience and people on social media.

Source – screenshot youtube (JC World)

She was on the stage and was supposed to dance with all the kids standing with her on the stage. They all had to follow the instructions of another girl, standing there and dancing with them. But when the performance started, she didn’t start with them and the situation was getting more and more confusing.

But soon the little girl just started dancing as she wanted to, and that is when the whole audience started laughing and adoring her. She really stole many hearts that day and made the bad situation into something beautiful and funny. This is a skill that many adults would like to be able to have.

Watch the funny and positive video of this precious girl in the video bellow, we are sure she will make your day. And of course, share this with your loved once to make them smile too. Enjoy watching!