Strangers filmed this adorable man waiting for his wife with flowers and chocolate. Their meeting melts hearts

by banber130389

True love never dies. It lasts for years and becomes stronger over time. These may just sound like beautiful words to someone, and they may think that not everything is possible and not always things stay that beautiful as in the beginning. But stories like this exist to prove them the opposite.

The main hero of the story is 80-year-old Bernard Mills, who has won millions of hearts in different social medias. Someone filmed him waiting for his wife with bouquet of flowers and chocolate at the airport.

We are glad, that these attentive strangers noticed the man and filmed his meeting with his wife. They really melt hearts with their cuteness.

When finally, her wife arrived, they hugged each other. Stranger watching them just admired their love and positive energy. You can also see how she keeps looking at him, instead of the presents, which once more tells so much about their qualities and mindset.

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