Steve Irwin’s 14-year-old son Robert looks just like him. Here is his and Jimmy Fallon’s fun meeting with animals

by banber130389

Over years we all notice that we start to act and even look like our parents more and more. That is the power of time, that always reminds who we are and where we come from. A good example for this is Robert Irwin. He looks just like his famous dad Steve Irwin.

Unfortunately, television star Steve Irwin isn’t with us anymore, but his kids are there to remind about him and make their fans happy.

In the video bellow you can see 14-year-old Robert Irwin, who was Jimmy Fallon’s guest. It was a touching moment, when they started their conversation talking about Hollywood Walk of Fame and Robert mentioned that it is great to keep his dream alive.

Then the most interesting part is them meeting cute animals. First, they met little goats, which was a surprise for Jimmy. They were just adorable and the audience loved them so much too!

They met kookaburra and even a capybara. The massive size of the capybara surely impressed Jimmy. They had so much fun together creating comfortable and warm atmosphere.

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