She was told that the parrot was “crazy” but she rescued him. This is them now

by banber130389

When talking about relationship between animals and people, we always mention dogs and cats. But there are other clever enough animals, that are able to build emotional contact with people too. A perfect example for this are parrots.

This story is about the rescue of the parrot named Vandal. The kind woman who gave him a second chance for life is Nadia. She always loved birds and is very happy to now be able to change their life to the better.

She first met Vandal in a rescue center. Her first impressions and thoughts were very weird because she was told that the parrot was crazy. She noticed the parrot’s weird moves too, but decided to approach Vandal anyway.

The first thing the parrot did, was saying hello to Nadia. That is when she knew she was taking him home. Another heartbreaking thing for Nadia was realizing that the parrot knew so many swear words. This could mean that his previous owners were probably abusive, and also the reason for his weird behavior.

Both Vandal and Nadia were having tough times in their life, and they literally saved each other. Their bond was the strongest and they became inseparable. We are very happy that they found each other and both their lives changed to the better. We hope you loved this! Don’t forget to share this beautiful story with your loved ones too!