She was called “the ugliest girl in the world,” but she didn’t withdraw or give up. How does she look 20 years later?

by banber130389

This girl’s life was not like sugar from the very beginning! You know, even the worst enemy would not wish such a life…

The fact is that Lizzie was born prematurely and weighed just over one kilogram, so after the emergency deliveries, the doctors tried to cheer up the new mom in every way, but everyone told her about the very poor prognosis.

What Lizzie does not lack is the will to live, because despite the doctors’ predictions, her physical condition and similar cases, which almost always ended badly, she continued to fight, and most importantly – she succeeded!

Her parents joined the strong life force of the little girl, they did everything they could to keep their daughter alive! And a miracle happened – she began to grow and gain weight!

Alas, but premature births were not the end for Lizzie’s parents, because during the first stages of the test, the doctors diagnosed her with a very rare and very unpleasant Wideman-Rautenstrauch syndrome. This syndrome was discovered by the man whose name was used to name the disease. In a nutshell, it is a very rare disease, which is the rarest in the world. The fact is that to date, only three cases of Wiedermann-Rautenstrauch syndrome are known!

It’s hard to know who may have this story, because the sample so far, thank God, is not large, but it seems that the syndrome is most often acquired by girls, because all three cases of the disease were found precisely in them.

The first girl’s name is Amanda, she lives in a city in England, another girl named Abigail lives in Texas, well, and our today’s heroine Lizzie also lives in Texas, by the way, they are neighbors with Abigail.

The main cause or even consequence of the above syndrome is the body’s inability to store fat. As a result, not only does she have a poor immune system and a very difficult absorption of beneficial macro and micronutrients, but she just plain lacks the ability to use her fat depot as an energy supplement. As a result, Lizzie and the two girls we told you about above have to eat almost every 10 minutes.

But this syndrome not only prevents her from storing fat, it also prevents her from digesting most of the food, so the large amount of food that Lizzie is forced to eat does not allow her to gain weight in any way.

Today, she weighs only 25 kilograms, though she is over one and a half meters tall!

As we said above, all these problems don’t allow Lizzie to give up, and she continues to live and try to do so with as much happiness as her terrible illness allows…

Strong Lizzie and the girl’s equally strong parents did everything they could to ensure that she lived the life of an ordinary child and even the girl’s rarest illness did not prevent her from going to the most ordinary school.

In the beginning it was not easy to study, because it was hindered by poor health and on top of that many, almost all children looked at Lizzie as some kind of unusual girl, but the more time went by, the more Lizzie blended in with the team, which eventually happily accepted this beautiful and strong girl!

One beautiful day, Lizzie was getting ready for school as usual, drinking her tea, looking through her newsfeed, and saw an article in one of the world’s rather famous newspapers that had her picture on it. It’s hard to imagine how the girl felt when she read the headline of that very article; it sounded something like this: “the scariest girl in the world!”

That same article started a new chapter in Lizzie’s life…

What do you think she did this time?

Of course, the girl did not take the article close to her heart, because she has repeatedly understood the cruelty of the modern world, in which many people put their own lives much higher than the lives of others. After all, the same newspaper, and its chief editor, just wanted to make more money for themselves …

Realizing this truth of life, Lizzie started her own blog, where she helps other people who are in a difficult situation like her, in it she tells and shows by her personal example, how to cope with the most difficult challenges in life!

The girl seems to be doing quite well… We wish her good luck in her endeavors and most importantly, good health. Set your “Like us” if you think this girl is really strong. And do not forget to subscribe to the channel, so you will not miss our next article.