A dog named Sam disappeared from the house when he was 4 months old, but five years later he met his owners again. How did their meeting go?

by banber130389

Today’s story is about how a missing dog was reunited with his owners after 5 years.

In 2016, George, the head of the family, was going on a trip with his family. They had three dogs living in their home who decided to run away from home while the owners were busy packing. Two of the dogs returned the very next day, but the third, a four-month-old dog named Sam, did not return home. George set out to find him, looking in all the places where dogs usually wander. He called every shelter in town, put up flyers, but to no avail.

The trip had to be canceled because they couldn’t leave their family member Sam on the street and go on vacation in peace. Half a year later, George was called away to another city for work, but despite the distance, he tried to keep looking for Sam. Sometimes he even went back to town to find out some news about Sam. Unfortunately, Sam was nowhere to be found, no one had seen him, and no one had taken him to the orphanage.

Nearly five years later, George got a call. He received a call from a pet advocate in Cleveland, Ohio, with the happy news that their dog had been found and he was with them. George could hardly believe what he heard, after all these years had passed. He began to wonder if Sam would remember him, if he really was the one who had been found.

George immediately set out to get Sam, the journey was a full eight hours. But it was worth it, the pet advocate who had called George really did have Sam and he was so happy to have met his owner.

George was just saying “he didn’t forget me, he didn’t forget us, it’s so great” for another 15 minutes George and Sam could not tear themselves away from each other and hugged each other tightly.

And then they drove back home together. Now Sam was home again, with his beloved family and his friends, who also missed him very much.