One-year-old twins lough at their doing having treats. Their lough is worth everything

by banber130389

Children are real wonders and there is no doubt in it. Their one smile is enough for your day to be brightened, and when they lough it is even better. We want to share with you a video of precious twins, who will make you smile for sure.

Their mother managed to film them while they were hysterically laughing at their dog. The dog was just having treats and the one-year-old twins found it funny and laughed out loud.

Source -screenshot youtube (Twin Life)

The dog seemed to be happy to, despite the fact that he didn’t really understand what was going on. This is how unexpected children are, and can find usual things funny and entertaining.

The video has been shared on YouTube already 12 years ago. There is even a chance that it has been filmed even earlier. So, now these beautiful twin girls surely have a very bright, fun and sunny memory to look back at.

Watch the video bellow, we hope it will make you smile. You can support us by sharing this positive article with your friends and family too, enjoy watching !