One of the four men didn’t participate in the building of the dog house. Can you guess who it is?

by banber130389

If you want to spend good time, at the same time solving a brain-training test, you are in a right place! We offer you mind-blowing and intelligence boosting tests, that you will surely love solving. This time the task requires so much attention to the details, and you should maximally use your logic.

In the picture you can see four men, standing next to a small dog house. The cute dog is there too. They all look like they have participated in the process of building it but in reality, some of them hasn’t. Your task is to find out who it is, and most importantly why do you think so.

Once again, we offer you to pay attention to the details. If you still need a hint, we can tell you, that the odd man is standing in the right part of the image. So, it is one of the tree…

And here is the right answer. If you pay attention, you can see that one of the men is holding a brick in his hands. But why would they need it, if the house is made out of wood, and not rock!

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