One of the best episodes of Jimmy Fallon’s show. Him doing a difficult exercise challenge is the best part!

by banber130389

Jimmy Fallon is one of. The best TV hosts. He is always on the same vibe as his guests and makes everyone feel comfortable being there. Here is a very fun and interesting episode of his show, where his guest is super model Gisele Bündchen.

They started talking about exercises and Jimmy showed a picture from her Instagram account, showing a very difficult yoga pose. Jimmy was very amazed by that. He was impressed, as in his opinion it is a very difficult and unique thing to do.

The audience than hyped them up, asking for them to try something similar. The audience always does that and this time it wasn’t an exception. They couldn’t say no!

They didn’t do exactly the same, but instead did a planking exercise, which was a real challenge for Jimmy, but he did a very good job. Gisele promised that for their next meeting, she will teach him the first pose, as she was claiming that doing it is actually easier than it seems.

The audience loved their energy and they did everything to make the episode more interesting and informative. Watch the video bellow, and if you like it, share this with your family and friends too. Enjoy watching!